Rat Control Dunfermline

Rat Control Dunfermline:

Rat Control Dunfermline – The Brown Rat has brown fur on its back and grey fur underneath.

They have small ear’s with a blunt snout and, including the tail, can measure between (13-19 inches) in length. Rat’s, like mice, need to gnaw to keep their constantly growing incisor teeth worn down.

The Brown Rats damage woodwork, plastic and lead pipe’s (causing flooding) and will sometimes strip insulation from electrical cable’s by their gnawing (causing fire’s and electrical failure).

The Brown Rat’s is dirty and can spread disease’s through its urine and droppings and therefore considered to be a significant threat to human health.

These disease’s include: Rat Bite Fever, Weil’s Disease and Salmonella Food Poisoning,

And in addition to these disease’s bacteria can be carried on their fur or feet which may give rise to food contamination.

Rat Control Dunfermline

Pest Control Fife:

We offer Domestic, Farm and Commercial service’s for all your Rat Pest Control need’s in Dunfermline and the surrounding area’s. Google “Fife Pest Control Services” to find a solution to all your Rat pest control problems.

Contact us for all your Rat Pest Control needs in Fife including Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and the surrounding area.

  • Our Pest Control service offer’s a service to Farm, Domestic and Commercial propertie’s.
  • We have fully trained, experienced pest controller’s covering the Fife area.
  • We shall destroy the Pest/Vermin infestation and in addition we can also offer a proofing service.
  • Pest Control Fife’s service offer a 24/7 rapid response service.

We can be with you really quickly and as a result keep our price’s extremely cheap and competitive. Furthermore the same trained technician will see your Rat Pest Control problem’s through from the start to the finish and leave your premises Rat Free Guaranteed.

Also we offer a 24/7 Pest Control Service’s by appointment.

Wasp Nest Removal Fife

Wasp Nest Removal Fife.

Wasp Nest Removal Fife: Wasp’s are probably the most familiar and disliked of all British insect’s, and are often regarded as nuisance pest’s or a threat to health although they are not responsible for the spread of disease.

They have black and yellow band’s around their body and a narrow ‘waist’ in the middle of their body. The worker wasp’s are 10-15mm long and the Queen’s are 20mm long. They are generally disliked and feared because of their painful sting’s

You should not attempt to Treat or Destroy a Wasp Nest your self if you are sensitive to Wasp sting’s. If you disturb a Wasp Nest, you may provoke the Wasp’s inside to swarm, attack and sting you as a form of defence.

Wasp sting’s may be serious, and in extreme but rare circumstance’s, they may prove fatal.

Wasp Control Fife.

For Wasp Nest Removal service’s in the Fife area’s please call us now for a rapid response.

Call us now on 07874276514 for all your Wasp Nest Control needs in the Fife and the surrounding area.

  • Pest Control Fife offer’s a service to Domestic and Commercial properties.
  • We have a fully trained, experienced Wasp controller’s covering the Fife area.
  • Wasp Control Fife will destroy the Wasp infestation and where possible remove the Wasp Nest.
  • Pest Control Fife offer a 24/7 Rapid Response service by appointment.
  • Rapid Response.

Fife Pest Control have a Trained Wasp Control technicians that works in your area 7 day’s a week. This mean’s we can be with you really quickly and  in addition keep our price’s extremely competitive.

And Furthermore the same Fife Pest Control technician’s will see your Wasp Nest problem’s through from the start to the finish.

So Please contact us on 07874276514 now for all your Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp Nest Control need’s in the Fife area.

Wasp Nest Removal Fife


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